Really don’t believe that I am sufficient Is rhyming with this song lead to my personal words draw

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Really don’t believe that I am sufficient Is rhyming with this song lead to my personal words draw

Really don’t believe that I am sufficient Is rhyming with this song lead to my personal words draw

We assault motherfuckers wearing red-colored backpacks And i munch on cloth shelves and take a crap on your song Yeah your whack, end up in everybody else knows everything state But once I have towards the brand new mic, We build whole milk outta clay And i enjoy heavens keyboards which sugarbook have a tube off toothpaste And i say karate pencil case and you may wear it tape

Most of the my personal verses slip apartment such as for instance a great hockey puck They got myself seven days to type the initial section of my verse Now I experienced absolutely nothing leftover so I’ll pretend which i got damage Aw, I do believe We sprained my personal foot All of you feel free to finish the tune in the place of me

[MC Amnesia] Yo MC Amnesia upwards in this cunt Woke up five days in the past lying in the latest abandon Did not discover exactly who I found myself We wouldn’t remember shit

Seem to things occurred that has been harrowing We used to have more rhymes however, I can’t contemplate them Seriously I am freaking out We are unable to remember some thing! (Positively does someone know very well what my name is?)

[MC Public Urination] Yo I am MC Societal Urination – just what – exactly what! I need a drilling piss on the a drilling pavement Anytime, anyplace, I just whip away my dick And blank my bladder when you find yourself you motherfuckers view! You most other MCs can not handle so it crap! You are some bitch scared so you’re able to pee publicly

Your encounter a commode each time you need certainly to piss Yo screw that shit – I recently whip away my dick!

[Chorus – Chorus Boy] I’m he which sings the fresh chorus (They vacations in the track) My personal part are kinda bland (I wish which i could go house) But these are generally paying me to sing the chorus (And that i want the cash) Cause I am unemployed at this time (Merely went back to using my dad)

[MC Will not Know very well what Irony Was] Yo I’m MC Cannot Know very well what Irony Are Walked up to a lady and that i offered her a kiss She told you “Let us go to your put, I will bring their cock” I said “Heck yeah bitch, that is very ironic”

[MC Gets Front–Monitored With ease] Yo I am MC Gets Front–Monitored Effortlessly My personal rhymes is actually badass instance Gandolfini You realize he’s known for the fresh new Sopranos but he’s in addition to within the videos Like Rating Shorty and you can Terminal Acceleration Which i didn’t like trigger I can’t stand Charlie Sheen Really I suppose from inside the Sexy Images, he was kinda funny However, I like Leslie Nielsen regarding Naked Weapon You know who more was in one to flick? O.J. Simpson That is kinda odd, being aware what the guy did then Hold off, that was We claiming? I do believe I got front–monitored.

That they had the ultimate trilogy!

[MC Life-threatening Firearm step 1, dos & 3] Yo I’m MC Dangerous Weapon step one, dos & 3 I like those clips but the last troubled me personally Danny Glover, Mel Gibson and you can Joe Pesci As to why performed they have to generate a fourth?

[MC Dangerous Gun cuatro] MC Lethal Weapon cuatro that’s me We disagree which have MC Lethal Firearm step 1, dos & 3 Even if I concur that it’s a pioneering trilogy Brand new next has also been a they additional Chris Rock and Squirt Li!

[MC Shit My personal Pants Seem to] Yo I’m MC Shit My Trousers Frequently It always occurs when I am taking walks outside Otherwise when I am spending time with particular fly ass hoes There i wade! Give thanks to goodness I lead a distinction off outfits!

[MC Last Verse] Yo I am the newest MC towards the last verse I am supposed to summarize everything you read But mutherfuckers I don’t really have enough time So shag can go back to this new Chorus Child

Whats my motherfucking label?

[Chorus – Chorus Child] I am nonetheless singing new chorus (Give thanks to god our company is almost done) I dislike singing the chorus (For example a dull screwing jobs) I am probably just take my personal 40 dollars (That is what its spending me personally) And you may I am going to wade get extremely inebriated (Wank following go to bed)